MorganJ has written several of books, only one of which is still available for purchase.   We're working on changing that.  

Future Present:  Feb 2003.  This autobiographical book, set against the backdrop of his partner's decline and death from AIDS, is an honest and brutal review of the components of MorganJ's paintings, poems, career, and insecurities and deeds.  The book includes 18 of his poems and 104 of his paintings.  

Available here in both e-book and softcover through Xlibris. 

Memories of Aunt Aura:  Feb 2000.  Aura Wood Johnson Neely, MorganJ's aunt, was in charge of licensing and accreditation of nursing homes, daycare centers and hospitals for the State of Oregon from the 1940's until her retirement in 1973.  This book is a composite transcription of Aunt Aura's diaries from 1923 through her death in 1994, woven with the memories Morgan has of her and some of the letters he sent her.

Circle of the White Buffalo:  Feb 1996.  The story of a Native American doctor who is dying of AIDS and his relentless struggle and search for evidence of the existence of a younger cousin thought to be lost in a plane crash in 1978 in the jungles northwest of Manaus, Brazil.  

Trees of Other Colors:  May 1994.  Contains 14 color reproductions of Morgan's art pieces that accompany the poems by the same name.

Condemned to a Life of Painting Pretty Pictures:  March 1994.  The story of seventeen-year-old artist Daniel discovering himself and his talents. Daniel's journey to self-actualization is written in three distinct books that portray the artist's inner turmoil through his struggling poetry and scattered paintings, his friend's remembrances, and his dreams.  The book also includes 140 color reproductions of MorganJ's art.