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In an email from the White River Valley Museum regarding its 6th Annual Small Works, Big Presents: ┬áThe Gift of Art 2014…

Congratulations to Austin Dwyer for winning this year’s People’s Choice Award! His oil painting “Winter Respite” was voted the crowd favorite by visitors to the show. This honor comes with a $400 cash prize and additional publicity through the Auburn Reporter newspaper. Congratulations, Austin!

There was another, less publicized award given out by our pint-sized visitors – a Kid’s Choice Award! During an overnight museum program, a group of children aged 7 to 12 had the chance to vote on their favorite pieces, and the overwhelming favorite was Morgan Johnson’s “Golden Treasure.” While this award doesn’t come with any sort of cash prize, it does come with the resounding praise of our youngest visitors, who when asked why they enjoyed the piece so much were quoted as saying, “It looks really cool.”