(to Kathy)
The bold
they fetch attention
with large and bright and clamor.
The brave
they draw the rules
from wells in hidden ampules
or seeds from another's sowing.
But the cautious and the doers,
as with workers, brides and manics,
spread arms as petals skyward
>to tap the source of blooming.


You've caught the first bought moments
of years and dreams' awakening
with careful sideways glances and steady fingers tapping
to study the course ascending:
the few that pledge allegiance,
the core, the family, the friends
that suggest they, too, have felt it:
the applause of a foreign audience.


Thrust up as a peeling lily
betting nuance, color and self,
the rewards once just imagined
land crystalline in a noonday sun.
Pearls ready, hearty and feeding,
resounding with the gift of nutrition,
edge into the webs decaying,


to cleanse
to catch
to stain
those outstretched arms with purpose
those numbered petals
in the blooming of you:
another determined artist.