With all the suddenness of early dusk

the silver threads of our atmosphere have taken my breath

sighted by you

and fallen to earth in prayers.


I am angry;

I am hurting myself with cares,

cares that weren't supposed to be known until dark

sighted by you

like diamonds floating upon the fingertips of the sea.


But diamonds, like prayers,

plunge into depths uncharted,

dead save for the ghosts of deepest blues

solid as stars sighted by you

left to be scratched into the bark of the shedding tree.


There are no sounds to mimic what we share.

Through your eyes the liquid memories

become my diamonds sighted by you

in those ever-settled quiet dreams of being.


Justly, all words, anxious thoughts faceted,

and sea canals will dry,

dry to descend again in another's prayers

dried to blackened diamonds sighted by you in a yearling's laugh

and the foreign handshook atmosphere of words with god.