Sitting on the floor looking at torn out
paper.  Primaries and green
test strokes with a three-quarter inch brush.


Do I need a ground?


Try red--unable to
complete an area; left with strokes
only.  Brushing 'til dry.  Introduce blue,
drop brush on paper: Rorschach
purple mixing out, dry brushing
arc from elbow on knee
accidentally dropped drop of green
a false centering--can move to


change it--true centering?
Grabbed pastels to overlay pink
on yellow/red dark pink better
than light
colors seem like Olympic success
outliving fun, sad LeRoy Neiman such
slop!  Pencil in to cut away wet point
still feels like trying to make finished
product every stroke
freeway noise turnover
sand dunes emerge
any stroke is OK
it all, they all mean something
awkward, overworked, unfed
go for remembered color combos
from this last weekend
introduce color, add water


back into rules, grounding


got it! The colors of this area
the trip--the clouds--from memory!
Smoke from the ground seeing
colors where no one else
would the muting of earth to retrieve
spring automatic painting
horizon trees outside my window
dash, dash, dot, dot telepathy
tearing roadway
slowed way down
crossing over, hatching into silhouette
dropping brush-fulls of water


against the grain of me.  Caution, dark hole
interrupted by a solid and full darkness
that's defined and limited
caskets emerge from chalk
receding pillars
fire punctures, sears
and falls to the ground in cinders,
cooling to add to the cold.  Pillars topped
form rises in steam
knife cuts across, sliding
and pulling sinew to build death
to prove and pile it,
substantiate it.  Death is not a leaving
but a defensive growth of proof.  Not lacking
but accumulation on the calm
white picket fence, so welcome
the awaiting wings, the bird purple
drawing strings to weave the eternal nest.
Solar flexes that ruin the cave I hide in, Jackson
caught.  It must have been
thrown at him and the heat of it combined
via his brain to the arm and out
support and overshadow.  Growth through shadow
collision, abrupt departure, landing
following radiance, parallels
rotating wheel.  Striding birches in yellow tell
us of the wind's atoms
that draw from the pond to nurture
all the fellow organisms below the water
as well as those caught to reflect above.