Aug 2014                       Grants Pass OR            ‘At the Will of the Wind‘ in the 66th Annual Southern Oregon Art show, Rogue                                                                                                             Community College (RCC) Firehouse Gallery

March 2013                   Grants Pass OR           Two person show at the RCC’s Firehouse Gallery

Nov 2012 – Jan 2013   Malvern, PA                 ‘Reverence‘ juried into “Art Ability” at Bryn Mawr Rehab Hospital

Nov 2012                       Coos Bay OR                ‘Shared Journey‘, ‘Caught‘, and ‘Awe‘ in Coos Art Museum Biennial

Aug 2012                        Grants Pass OR           ‘Shared Journey‘ in So. Oregon Art Show Annual at RCC’s Firehouse Gallery

Jun – Sep 2012              Grants Pass OR          ‘Interwoven‘ in “Inspired By The Rogue” art show at the GP Library

Jun – Aug 2012              Florence OR                ‘Vibrancy‘, ‘Curtain‘ and ‘Color of Hope‘ in “Lane County: On the Western Edge” art                                                                                                     show at Florence Events Center (FEC)

Nov – Dec 2011             Florence OR                 ‘Source‘ and ‘Bright New Year‘ juried into Celebrate Art! at the FEC

Oct – Dec 2011              Coos Bay OR               ‘The Light Between‘ juried into “Western Regional” at Coos Art Museum

Sep 2011                         Roseburg OR               ‘Night Guide‘ juried into “100 Valleys” Annual Art Show, Umpqua Valley Art                                                                                                                   Association

Aug 2011                         Grants Pass OR           ‘Bright New Year‘ in 63rd Southern Oregon Annual Art Show at RCC’s Firehouse                                                                                                       Gallery

Nov – Dec 2010             Florence OR                ‘Interior‘ and ‘Night Guide‘ in Celebrate Art! Juried show at FEC

Oct – Nov 2010              Coos Bay OR               ‘Midnight Surrender‘ and ‘Surface Tension‘ in Expressions West, Coos Art Museum                                                                                                   Biennial

Sep 2010                         Florence OR                 Five paintings in annual “Gallery Committee Show”, at the FEC

Jun – Jul 2010                 Bandon OR                  ‘Circuit‘, ‘Surrender of Reflection’, and ‘Leaving Footprints’ in “Small Works” art show,                                                                                               2nd Street Gallery

Jun – Jul 2010                 Coos Bay OR                ‘Hard On The Wind‘ in “Expressions West” show at the Coos Art Museum                                                                                                                        Biennial

Nov – Dec 2009             Florence OR                ‘Broken Fall‘, ‘Surface Tension‘, and ‘Night Guide‘ in Celebrate Art! Show at the FEC

Nov 2009                         Florence OR                ‘Hard On The Wind‘ in “Unique Exposure” art show at Silver Lining Gallery

Apr – Jun 2009               Princeton NJ                ‘Orientation‘, ‘Profusive Neglect‘, ‘Hard On The Wind‘, Finding Balance‘, ‘Downriver                                                                                                   Gray‘,and ‘Winter Blue‘ in “ArtFirst!” At Princeton Med, Center, Princeton Univ.

Mar – Apr 2009              Roseburg OR              ‘Endurance‘, ‘Toasting Variety‘, Shower of Light‘ in “Expose Yourself!” art show at                                                                                                       Umpqua Valley Art Association

Nov 2008                         Florence OR                 ‘October Pond‘ in Siuslaw Library show “Hang It All!”

Nov – Dec 2008             Florence OR                 ‘Hard On The Wind‘, ‘Profusive Neglect‘, ‘Shower of Light‘ and ‘Endurance‘ in Celebrate                                                                                            Art! at the FEC

Oct – Nov 2008              Coos Bay OR                ‘Orientation‘, ‘Rhyme of Moonlight‘, and ‘Broken Cascade‘ in Coos Art Museum                                                                                                         Biennial

Sep 2008                          Eugene OR                  ‘Hard On The Wind‘ in Salon Des Refuses at New Zone Gallery, from the Mayor’s                                                                                                       Show at Hult Center of Performing Arts

Apr – May 2008              Princeton NJ                ‘Claustrophobe‘, ‘Constant Craving‘ and ‘Red Peddle‘ in juried international “ArtFirst!”                                                                                              at University Med. Center, Princeton Univ.

Nov -2007                        Florence OR                 ‘Rhythm of Water‘ and ‘Long Reflections‘ juried into Celebrate Art! at the FEC

Oct 2007                           Westlake OR                Ten person show at Bearfoot Lodge

Jun 2007                           Quebec, Canada        ‘Passing Cloud‘ and ‘Foregone Conclusion‘ in College on Problems of Drug                                                                                                                    Dependence sponsored by the Innovators Program

May 2007                         Harrison AR                 ‘Kicking It!‘ and ‘Empty and Full‘ in Spring Invitational at Harrison Art League juried                                                                                                    show sponsored by Ozark Arts Council

Apr – May 2007              Princeton NJ                 ‘Broken Smile‘, ‘Patience of Summer’, and ‘Torrent In Shadows‘ in “Art First!” at                                                                                                           Princeton Med. Center, Princeton Univ.

Mar 2007                          Washington, D.C.       ‘Passing Cloud‘ and ‘Foregone Conclusion‘ in “Art and Addiction” sponsored by Johns                                                                                               Hopkins Med. School & Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Feb 2007 – Jun 2009      Seattle WA                    ‘Man On A Bridge‘ in No Boundaries 2007-9 “Revelations” traveling show in                                                                                                                 Northwest

Dec 2006                           Eugene OR                   ‘Positive Thinking‘ in “Art About AIDS”, benfit & donation for HIV Alliance Center, DIVA                                                                                               Gallery

Oct – Nov 2006               Coos Bay OR                ‘Endurance‘, ‘Digital Reflux‘ and ‘Red Peddle‘ in Coos Art Museum Biennial

May- Jun 2006                 New Haven CT            ‘Man On A Bridge‘ in “Particular Places” national juried show at Creative Arts                                                                                                               Workshop

Apr – May 2006              Eugene OR                    ‘Dappled‘ in Pacific Northwest Annual of Univ. of Oregon, Adell-McMillan Gallery

Nov 2005                          Alameda CA                 ‘Constant Craving‘, ‘Foregone Conclusion‘, ‘Passing Cloud‘, and ‘Glare Before Rain‘ in                                                                                                 Alameda Historical Museum show, “Art of the Everyday Intimate”

Nov 2005                          Toronto, Canada         ‘Duality of Floating‘ in International Abilities Festival in the Carrier Gallery

Nov 2005 – May 2006   Seattle WA                     ‘Red Peddle‘ juried into No Boundaries traveling show by VSAarts; venue: Seattle,                                                                                                    Everett, WA & Eugene and Pendleton, OR

Nov- Dec 2005                 Mesquite NV                 ‘Hot Blue‘, ‘Bowl of Thought’ and ‘Box of Life’ in juried “Lucky 13” at Virgin Valley Artists                                                                                             Assoc.

Oct 2005 – Jan 2006       Malvern PA                    Dappled in Art Ability juried show at Brn Mawr Rehab Hospital

Oct 2005                            Columbia MD               ‘Red Peddle‘ accepted in juried “Bike” show at Columbia Art Center; withdrawn due                                                                                                  to scheduling conflict (above)

Oct 2005                            Grants Pass OR            ‘Innocence‘, Torrent In Shadows‘ and ‘Cloak of November‘ in “Art Along The Rogue”                                                                                                 RCC Firehouse Gallery

Aug 2005                           Grants Pass OR             ‘Digital Smudge‘ and ‘Sunflowers On Glass‘ in AAUW Art Show at GP Museum of Art

Jun – July 2005                 Spokane WA                  ‘My Life At Fifty‘ and ‘Ascendant‘ in “Spectrum: The Human Possibilities” show at                                                                                                         Rainbow Regional Community Center

Jun 2005                            Eugene OR                     ‘Sunflowers On Glass‘ in Pacific Northwest Annual, Erb Memorial Union, University                                                                                                  of Oregon

Mar 2005                           Hudson NY                    ‘Man On A Bridge‘ in Columbia County Council on the Arts Juried Show at the Opera                                                                                                 House

Dec 2004 – Feb 2005     Portland OR                  ‘Duality of Floating‘ in Mt. Scott Art Center’s ‘Summer in Winter’ International Art                                                                                                         Show

Sep 2004                            Jacksonville OR            Six-man “outside” show at Two Oaks Rest

Aug 2004                           Grants Pass OR            ‘A Place at the Table‘ and ‘Organic Burst’ shown in AAUW Art Show at GP                                                                                                                      Museum of Art

July – Aug 2004                Roseburg OR                ‘Cut From The Same’ shown in Umqua Valley Art Cneter’s ‘Art About Wine’ juried open

Apr – May 2004               Tubac AZ                        ‘Peppered‘ in Open Market art show at the Tubac Center of the Arts

Mar – May 2004              Bethelhem PA              ‘A Place at the Table‘ in ArtQuest annual at the Banana Factory Gallery

Jan – May 2004                Talent OR                       Group show at Aarundell Gallery

Dec 2003                            Jacksonville OR            ‘Raindrops In Autumn‘, and ‘Negotiating The Forest‘ in invitational “Seeing Circles,                                                                                                     Tangling Triangles” show at Scarlet Palette Gallery

Jul – Aug 2003                  Long Beach CA             ‘Rapt‘ in Long Beach State University’s International ABD18 Art Show

Jul 2003                              Grants Pass OR            ‘Reflecting Family‘ and ‘Change in Weather‘ in GP Msueum’s 56th Annual AAUW                                                                                                         So. Or. Art Show

Dec 2001                            Ashland OR                  ‘Coronal Flare‘ painting shown in Accents Gallery show, “Sacred Art of Living:                                                                                                              Reflections of Spirit through Creative Process”

Oct 2001                             Ashland OR                   ‘Just Another Day‘ painting & “Mother’s Dilemma” poem shown in the Thorndike                                                                                                      Gallery’s Breast Cancer Awareness exhibit, Southern Oregon University

Jun 2001                             Talent OR                      Two-man show with mirror artist Bill Coleman, Wessels-Coleman Gardens

Mar 2000 – Aug 2001     Washington, D.C.       ‘Faithful‘ on loan and hung in Oregon’s Senator Ron Wyden’s office

Jun 1999                             Medford OR                 Included in Arts Council of Southern Oregon’s Open Studio Tour

Aug 1994                            Jacksonville OR            ‘Pictures At An Exhibition’, Britt Music Festival Invitational

May 1993                           Medford OR                 Two-man show w/A.Johnson, ‘Reality & Intrepretation‘, in Medford Center

Jun 1986                             Hayward CA                 Regional Open Competition, Hayward Arts Association

Oct 1985                             Bakersfield CA             ‘Winter Spider‘ shown in Fall National, Cunningham Memorial Art Gallery

Oct 1985                             Pacific Grove CA          ‘Distilled Life‘ shown in West Coast Biennial, Pacific Grove Art Center

Jun 1985                             San Luis Obispo  CA    ‘Neo-Impressionism and Beyond‘ Invitational, California Polytechnic State                                                                                                                    University

Jul 1984                               Tallahassee FL             ‘Celebrate America’ Regional Invitational

Sep 1982                            San Fransisco CA         Annual ‘Made in San Fransisco’ Show, Embarcadero Center

Nov 1981                           San Bernandino CA     Annual Southern California Exhibition, San Bernadino Museum of Art

Nov 1980                           San Bernandino CA     Annual Southern California Exhibition, San Bernadino Museum of Art

Jan 1979                             Garden Grove CA         Two-man show w/F.Furgal, Mills House Art Gallery, “Depth:  Structure  &                                                                                                                      Interpretation

Apr 1978                            Downey CA                     Downey Museum of Art Invitational

Aug 1977                           Downey CA                     Downey Museum of Art Invitational

Aug 1975                           San Diego CA                ‘California‘ in Annual Open Competition, San Diego Art Institute